Who We Are


    Who We Are

    NYeC (pronounced "nice") was founded by health care leaders throughout New York State with support from the New York State Department of Health, as a public-private partnership serving as a focal point for key healthcare stakeholders to build consensus on health information technology (HIT) policy priorities and collaborate on national, state and regional HIT adoption, implementation and optimization initiatives.


    Key NYeC Strategies and Activities:

    • Promoting and directly assisting with the adoption of health IT technologies across NY State
    • Developing Health IT and HIE Policies and Standards
    • Evaluating and Establishing Accountability Measures for NY's Health IT Strategy
    • Convening, Educating, and Engaging Key Constituencies


    Our mission is to be a trusted, proactive, independent voice reflecting a diverse array of interests and perspectives on key HIT policies and standards. NYeC acts to unify diverse voices to ensure that critical health information technology initiatives are successful and to realize the state's return on investment under HEAL-NY and other funding mechanisms.