Follow the Purple Line!

    Adopting an EHR and getting to Meaningful Use requires effort, planning and attention to detail.  To help providers get through the process, at NYeC we developed the Purple Line Program - a comprehensive series of steps to get from your current operational state to being a Meaningful User of Electronic Health Records.


    Transforming your practice will take time, effort and planning.  Our job is to make the transition as smooth as possible and keep you on target while allowing you to focus on providing high quality health care to your patients.  With the right support, any practice can become a Meaningful User of an electronic health record.  We are your support, we'll keep you on the purple line.


    We keep you focused, we provide the tools to assist you, we bring the right products to help you choose your vendor partner, we provide the project management you need and the clinical workflow support to make it all work.  And if you are Primary Care Provider in a Priority setting, our valuable services are heavily subsidized by a federal grant. 


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    Follow the Purple Line and We'll Get You There!



    Get Ready, Here We Come

    Healthcare is going digital and it is going there fast!


    NYeC Regional Extension Center is a new program from the New York eHealth Collaborative designed to help providers in the state of New York transform their practices from analog to digital. Electronic Health Records enable new models of patient centered care that improves practices, healthcare delivery to patients and overall population health.


    As a certified Regional Extension Center, NYeC will help you:


    • Effectively select, implement and meaningfully use an EHR
    • Optimize your practice workflow to ensure improvements in the quality of care
    • Protect the integrity, privacy and security of your patients’ protected health information.


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    Join the Regional Extension Center and be a part of the Digital Healthcare Revolution!